I grew up in the Boston suburbs, attending public schools before heading off to a liberal arts college near Philadelphia where I received a BA in Urban Studies in 2008.

Rob Korobkin

Rob Korobkin


Since then, I’ve jumped around a bit, helping to organize a labor union of casino workers in rural Pennsylvania, doing administrative work for the state employees union in Vermont, and moving to Portland, where I’ve been on and off since 2009.

I bought a house here in 2013, and for most of my time here, have made my living as a computer programmer building websites and apps for local marketing and e-commerce firms.  

I ran for the City Council in the fall of 2015 to represent Portland’s West End and am currently serving as the Secretary of the Portland Green Independent Committee.  

I work independently currently, splitting my time between freelance gigs writing code for local startups and doing community organizing work.  I’m an avid writer and reader and usually write a couple mini-essays a week that I publish on Facebook.