Monthly Archives: July 2016

What the world needs now is Pokemon Go

It seems everybody is pissed off these days. Trump’s a racist. Clinton’s crooked. Stein’s causing too much trouble. Portland’s too full of tourists.  Horns are honking.  Kids are screaming.  And, above all, it’s just too damn hot. But, you know who is happy? The people playing Pokemon Go. To be clear, I’m not one of […]

Cringing at the DNC’s failed spectacle

Have you seen this video? It’s awful. Movie star Elizabeth Banks “got together with some friends” and recorded a cutesy music video of Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” dedicated to Hillary Clinton. This is not what we need right now. It looks like a commercial for Target or TJ Max.  It’s shiny and sparkly.  Vapid.  Confusing.  […]

“Black lives matter” – Why can’t we say it?

Black. Lives. Matter. There… See, it really isn’t all that hard? I understand that it’s frustrating when activists shut down major thoroughfares. It’s annoying. It disrupts lots of people’s lives. It’d drive me up the wall too if I was trying to get home, and there was a crowd of people blocking the road, especially […]