David Brooks is wrong about absolutely everything

Once upon a time, David Brooks, the New York Times editorial writer, was a relatively mainstream Republican. A cultural conservative, who believed in “family values” and “fiscal conservatism,” he proudly carried the mantle of a calm American traditionalism, ever skeptical of the dangers posed by self-righteous liberal reformers. Then Trump came along, trumpeting his gaudy […]

3 ways to get Boomers to support Bernie!

I love Bernie. Of course, I do. I’m a Millennial. Among voters like me who are under 35, Sanders crushes Biden 52 percent to 11 percent. If people my age were the only ones voting, Bernie Sanders would be the next President of the United States. Game, set and match. For all practical purposes, the […]

Who can best stand up to the trolls?

Today, in the age of social media, it matters a lot how well a particular candidate can stand up to online harassment, caricature and overall cyber-mud throwing. Beat the trolls, and you might have a good chance. Succumb, and your campaign might as well be six feet under. With the Iowa caucus less than four […]

Is the impeachment craze just a new Fundamentalism?

Last week, as almost everybody now knows, the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to impeach President Trump. First, the House voted, 230 to 197, to impeach the President for “abuse of power,” and then, shortly thereafter, a slightly narrower margin of 229 to 198 voted to impeach Trump for having “obstructed Congress.” What explains the […]

There’s only one way Bernie can win

I love Bernie. Of course, I do. I’m a Millennial. Born into a white middle-class suburban family in 1986, I graduated college in 2008, tumbling out of sixteen years of education into one of the worst economic climates in decades. Today, after a decade of us “rebounding” from the Recession, there are now more places […]

Who’s really to blame for the “overdose epidemic”?

By now, we’ve all heard the story. In 1995, Purdue Pharma came out with a new drug: OxyContin. A high-powered, long-lasting painkiller, the drug was almost miraculous – suddenly people who’d suffered for years with chronic pain could live a life without suffering. The Sackler family, who owned the company, had an amazing blockbuster of […]

Major victory for Maine recovery residences!

The Sanford Board of Appeals convened Wednesday night, November 13, for a hearing regarding a Violation Notice issued by Sanford Fire Marshal Patrick Cotter that would have required me, as the owner of a 10-bed men’s recovery residence on Boyd Street, to either make roughly $15k in unnecessary renovations to the home or evict almost […]

It’s time for Maine to legalize heroin

It seems like every day I log into Facebook and see another friend mourning the loss of somebody they love gone to an overdose. Usually the deceased is young, but not always. Often brilliant, compassionate, the sort of person who, if things had only played out differently, could have been a true source of creativity […]